Satara offers you plenty of sightseeing and recreational opportunities owing mostly to its rich history and great geography. Click on the links Around Us for more information on Satara.At Kaas valley Road is a Garden Beautiful with the roaring waterfalls, misty cascades, rustic stone walls, twin arches, tiny kiosks and springy lawns interspersed with islands of flowers is truly a visitor's delight.

We can also make sightseeing arrangements for Kaas Lake, Bamnoli, Thoseghar, Satara City and up to Aundh. We even have a special package for families. Our every facility and amenity is designed to make you feel better.In case you wish to hire a vehicle we will provide you with efficient and reliable services.

Whether its private car or vehicle or bicycle to take you around the kaas, just enquire at the front desk and we’ll offer you a good deal.